Blog#1- RedRidinghood

After reading/exploring the three different Elit pieces, I found that Little Red Riding Hood captured my attention the most. I believe the reason for that is because it was mentioned in class to be a really good piece and also I know what the story itself is about. I think the author purposely made this piece according to a well known story because there was no speaking or words. The entire thing was told through the music and actions of the characters. The story made you believe you could click on multiple spots, but when I tried to click on them it would not allow me which frustrated me a little, but I really enjoyed the modern twist to it. I think the author was trying to use a boy as the wolf because she mixed in the story with the idea of girls not being able to trust guys in the same way that little red riding hood could not trust the wolf/grandma. There were certain parts of the story you could go at whichever pace you’d like and other parts where you must wait for the story to finish on its own time. Unlike the other stories I have read through Elit, this one did have an ending to it with no where else to go. The music was a good way of allowing the story to tell itself, but at the same time they made you feel as though you could click different options when in fact there was only one option to choose. I am talking about the part where she falls asleep and it asks you if she should dream or wake up now. The only option was clicking “wake up now” and so I did as I continued on with this journey. The clicking of certain things was not existing, but scrolling the mouse over those certain things allowed some kind of interaction with this particular story. The thing I found that made this literary besides the story itself was the flow of it. There was a girl who we all know had to bring a basket to her grandma’s house and then the boy shown in it who turned into a wolf ate the grandma and pretended to be her. In the end when you could scroll over the girl in the bed and almost every item on the picture things would change and it made it a lot more interesting. I tried to read this story without any music to see the difference and there was a huge difference. I realized how much the music was needed in order for the story to be successful. One thing I did not understand was the ending of it, why when I scrolled over her stomach she was pregnant? Was that a sign of rape? Was she already pregnant? I guess that is what the author was trying to do in order to make you question the ending of the story. The author wants you to interpret the story in your own way of thinking. Overall, I enjoyed this story. It was a lot easier to understand than most of the others I have read.


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