Blog#2- Tailspin


Wow! Tailspin really made my head spin. When first trying to read through this Elit piece I was beyond confused, but then as I read through it more and more and spend some time trying to “crack its codes” I realized that the title says it all. They use the title to convey a certain meaning with the emphasis on spin. The father who was in the war and now is apparently affected by loud noises such as most of those who return from war is bothered by the sounds of his playful grandchildren. I really felt the pain of the noise that I could imagine this war hero was going through. When I first started into discovering the wonders of Tailspin, I realized how loud the sounds were and they were bothering me as I would scroll over the turning circles and trying my best to focus on the readings.

At the same time of being able to feel the pain of the woman’s father, I was also able to feel the joy and excitement that the children were going through. On each of the turning circles, some kind of image or sound or even both the image and sound would come up relating to the text written in the piece. It really grabbed my attention and the noises began to fade the more I got into it.

Another really interesting thing that I noticed was that you cannot move on from the page shown until scrolling over all of the turning circles. This indicates that the reader does not want you to just pick and choose one or two of the sections to read, but that it is very important for you to read the entire section as a whole before moving on to the next part. At the same time of this going on I saw the bottom left of the screen had a little symbol indicating how far you have gotten in the Elit piece. I questioned myself as to why this was important for the reader to know and how it relates to the story directly and the only thing I could think of was that maybe the reader wanted us to see “the light at the end of the tunnel.” Everything in life has an ending, whether good or bad. So whether you were enjoying this Elit piece or not, it, like everything else in life has its own ending and it’s up to the reader to get through all the turning circles in order to find out exactly what that ending is.

The blue turning circle in the middle that allows you to click and move on to the next chapter in the story turns red towards the end of the piece and to me that indicates anger and eruption. The woman’s father is so mad about the noises and he is taking out that anger on his grandchildren who are really just trying to be kids and have fun. Its kind of like reality vs. innocence. When the children grow up and go through life the way their grandfather has, they may lose all that excitement and turn into these grumpy- like adults. Overall, I enjoyed this piece. It easily captured my attention and held onto it the entire time, noises and all!


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